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2017 Weather and Climate Damages in the United States Totaled $306 Billion

Are you wondering when big organizations and politicians are going to pay vital attention to climate change? Well, hope has not yet been found, and this is due to selfish interests, fancy speeches, marches, etc. Certainly, the attention needed will surface when the financial cost associated with climate change becomes so extreme for brokers to take care of. We all know the popular saying “money makes the world go round” well, losing lots of cash will bring these big players to their senses. Since lots of money have been lost in 2017, well, the day that we will count so much loss is getting much closer by the day.

No doubts, 2017 was regarded as one of the hottest years in modern revolution and in that year, it has cost us so much. However, due to a recent news from the National Centers for Environmental Information, which is part of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). According to an annual report, it has been confirmed that the U.S has witnessed losses that exceed $2 billion, thus, totaling about $306 billion.


Furthermore, a statement by the federal agency has stated drastic events that have occurred in the United State plus the wildfires in the west. It is important to note that all of these events have cost about $ 18 billion which means it has tripled in cost from the aforementioned annual wildfire record in the United States.

It is also needful to know that the number of hurricanes that occurred in 2017 has also cost not only the United States but other places that it had occurred. One type of hurricane called “Hurricane Harvey” cost the U.S more than $ 100 billion. Other hurricanes like Maria and Irma had also cost the U.S $90 billion and $50 billion separately.

It is also worth knowing that selfish individuals in the Congress in the U.S discarded tax deductions for the casualties lost in this disasters for personal interests.

From the stable of Property Casualty 360 late last year, it has been affirmed that brokers may lose more than $190 billion in 2017. Due to this news, many of these brokers began to adjust their rates for them to cover the increased risks, several companies began to send their $1000 to beg with Congress to act fast. As you can see, President Trump has already backed off from acting against climate change. The effects of our actions may come so soon then we have expected if things aren’t done the right way.

As we all know, 2005 was another year that had cost the U.S much money, due to the drastic events that occurred. Losses from Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita will never be forgotten.

Certain natural disasters like storms, drought, wildfires, cyclones that occurred last year didn’t cost the U.S financially, they also caused lots of causalities where recorded. According to NOAA NCEI Climate, it has been reported that approximately $16 billion disasters were recorded in 2017; the U.S also witnessed more than 200 weather and climate disasters since 1980, thus, the losses totaled approximately $1.5 trillion.

2017 was recorded the third warmest year since annual records were taken since 1895. Also, according to these reports, 54.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature of the United States last year, thus increasing by 2.6 degrees more than the normal average.

Another report from the Copernicus Climate Change Service has recently placed 2017 as the second-warmest year.

“Certain concerns have been going up due to the fact that sixteen out of seventeen warmest years have been in this century” this statement was made by the head of Copernicus. Lots of scientific agreement has been made due to the increase in greenhouse emissions, but most of them have been futile due to some selfish interest in the government.

Nevertheless, the NOAA report had briefly stated the increased costs of climate and weather catastrophes in spite of the cynicism and the indifference made by the government under the leadership of President Donald Trump toward the Paris accord to combat climate change from the list of threats that affect humanity.

“I was elected to represent the citizen of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” said President Trump after withdrawing the U.S support for the Paris accord on climate change. The president also stated that the Paris accord “confines the U.S, but empowers top polluting counties in the world”.

Trump’s administration is quite different from the previous one and it has unveiled a new strategy that focuses more on protecting the homeland and increasing the influence of the US In an ever competitive world.

However, a document that stated the national security of Trump’s administration has shown that it will show no support to reduce the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

“The United States government is central to counter an energy agenda that is detrimental to the U.S economy and energy security interest” the document declared.


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Climate Change Damages Made By Fossil Fuel Prompts New York City to Launch Lawsuit

Most climate advocates on Wednesday hailed what was termed a victory following two recent statements by New York City through its Mayor, Bill de Blasio. In these statements, it was said that the city has intentions of stripping off pension funds from fossil fuels in a period of five years and that it has filed a lawsuit against five big fossil fuel companies for their influence in climate change damages.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had said on Wednesday following the statement released, that, “New York City is standing up for its upcoming generation by becoming the first U.S city to strip off pension funds from fossil fuels“. He has also said that “At the moment, we are bringing the fight against climate change straight to fossil fuel companies that know the damages and the effects of climate change, thus, misleading the public for their personal interests”. It is important to know that climate change continues to deepen; it is up to these giant companies to cut out personal interests to make New York and the world at large a better and a safer place to live in.


These statements come just in time after ExxonMobil launched an attack in a Texas court against communities in the coastline areas of California that charged Exxon for their bad impacts on climate change last year.

“New York has intentions of shifting the costs of shielding the city for the effects of climate change back to the big companies that have tried their best to create this existential threat” this statement was declared by the lawsuit, which was filed in the Southern District of New York.

The big companies that cause climate change have been named by the city and they are BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell. However, it is also essential to know that these companies have produced more than 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases since the advent of industrial revolution, including the threats on the infrastructure, health, and property of the residents.

Several environmentalists and climate activists have praised the Blasio’s statement. Also, state lawmakers have also praised the city’s action and among them who expressed their satisfaction was Democratic Sen. Liz Krueger and he has said that “ The stripping off of pension fund sends a clear message to everyone that we do not support companies whose agendas put the entire city at risk”.

However, climate activists like McKibben has said that “New York City has become a stronghold for the fight against climate change”

We do know that several areas in New York are susceptible to a rising sea; with this, the city is showing a high zeal against climate change, by putting up a fight against big fossil fuel companies in the financial markets and courts.

The statement made on Wednesday has also heaped praise from the president of Center for International Environmental Law, Carroll Muffett, has said that “they have reached a milestone in corporate accountability for climate change and a wake-up call to shareholders the threats of coming up against big fossil fuel companies are increasing”

The move made by New York also came in-line with the announcement it made last month that it was putting up a “de-carbonization roadmap” that includes dissociating from fossil fuels.

“Climate change imposes several threats and it is expensive more than any problem that humans have ever faced,”  said Richard Wiles, who is the executive director of Center for Climate Integrity. “in a dynamic way, climate change is no different from other environmental issues that we are experiencing. The polluters have to pay for the damages they have caused us”

Furthermore, since NYC has become the first major city in the United State to call for divestment, a vast number of communities have filed suit against the fossil fuel industry, thus, it is clear that “a worldwide movement is tuning”

Agreeing to Betamia Coronel, U.S. reinvestment coordinator at, “Divesting the city’s pensions from big fossil industry is a big step taken; suing companies like Exxon for the role on climate crises is the next move. The announcement made today has sent a big shock and signal to every part of the world that the advent of a fossil-free world is emerging”

We haven’t forgotten the 2012 Superstorm Sandy that struck the east coast of U.S., thus, resulting in the destruction of over 230 facilities and causing more than $70 billion damages, which was the deadliest and the most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season.

“The signals are clear”, McKibben has also stated in an op-ed, “The oil industry is not the future we should hope, its time has gone. Surely, it will be responsible for its events in the past”

Activists all over the world are hopeful this move made by New York City against fossil fuel will produce a dynamic change to other cities to take the same action.

Image credit: pexels


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Oxygen Levels of Oceans Are Decreasing At An Alarming Rate [Recent Study]

It is important to note that dead zones of oceans have multiplied in size since 1950, thus, increasing in 1000 percent rate, according to a recent research that has been published in the Journal of science. This recent research lays more emphasis to climate change and industrial animal agriculture as the main cause in open oceans.

However, dead zones are areas in oceans or seas with a low-level of oxygen. Aquatic animals in these areas are usually affected and hence, they die due to low-level of oxygen. Furthermore, dead zone areas in open waters usually vary in size due to the changes in tides and seasons. Nevertheless, dead zones are always present in areas where excess nutrients are available due to conservative agricultural activities that take place, thus, entering the waterways.


Also, human activities are majorly the cause of the increase in dead zones. Climate change, on the other hand, is also caused by the emission of fossil fuels – which are also as a result of human activities. The emission of fossil fuels is also responsible for the increase in dead zones in open waters. It is also important to note that, oceans, naturally, have areas that are low in oxygen-levels which occur in the west of continents due to the rotation of the Earth.

Sadly, coastal zones which usually provide jobs for millions of people today are now deserted, due to the intense increase in dead zones. According to a recent study, it has been known that dead zones have increased by an area which is almost the size of the European Union since 1950, where 50 dead zones were stated across the world today.

A recent study made by the mirrors environmental group Mighty’s research from 2017, has also stated that agricultural runoff is the major cause of the largest dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Although, much blames were put on the Americans’ for their love for meat by Mighty’s research especially with red signs from Tyson Foods, which is one of the biggest meat companies in the United States. Thanks to Tyson foods and companies like them, they have contributed to the runoff of nutrients that have resulted in dead zones in open oceans.

“Recent research is no longer a surprise and they have further ascertained that the unimpeded pollution from agricultural industries has attained a critical level and immediate measures are needed to curb the problem,” said Lucia von Reusner, Campaign Director for Mighty Earth.

One question that comes to the mind is how the animal agricultural industry is the main cause of dead zone in open seas. It is important to note that animals that are reared for the production of food produce 130 times more dung than the whole population of humans. However, over 335 million tons of manure at the dry weight is produced by animals in the U.S every year.

Most times, if there are inadequate facilities to take care of the wastes produced from these animals, the manure or dung excreted would definitely end up in the groundwater and then, it will flow into the ocean and accumulate –approximately over 335 million tons of extra nutrient

The accumulation of the dung from livestock is only part of the problem. It necessary to know that there is a reason why this livestock are excreting, and it is due to excess nitrogen and phosphorous. Over 85% of soybean production over the world belongs to livestock feed. It has also been recorded that 80% of processed corn in the U.S belongs to animal feed. With this, you can see that a lot of composts are used to grow farm produce. Also, in 2011, 22 million tons manure were used for farming in the U.S. Forlornly, do you know that only 50% of fertilizers are actually utilized by crops? The rest fertilizers usually runoff into waterways.

Luca von Reusner has this to say, “food industries like Tyson Foods are the leading the drive behind the demand of corn and soy produced foods, which leads to the increase in the number of nutrients in our open waters and seas.

According to a recent survey made by the One World One Ocean, it has been reported that there are over 405 ocean “dead zones”. The increase in the number of dead zones in our open oceans is as a result of the increase in human population and agricultural activities. With more than ninety million acres of corn last year reported by Scientific American, the number of dead zones in open oceans have increased sporadically, thus, threatening the lives of marine animals.

What is the solution to all of these? There are lots of things we can do to stop dead zones. We can start by making the right choice with our diets. Wherever we are, the need to embrace plant-based whole foods are vital. We, humans, have the ability to create a better world for ourselves and our generations to come and the countless of animals on our planet. We can make the right choice by swapping animal-based products to our daily diet.

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China Makes Move to Limit Air Pollution by Ending the Production of Over 500 Car Models

China has made a vital move to stop air pollution by ending the production of more than 500 car models and other model versions that do not meet the economy’s fuel criteria. It is important to note that 535 car models have been affected. However, China’s move to curb air pollution by putting a ban on these car models have been announced on the official state news agency this week.

Furthermore, the suspension of these car models has taken an immediate effect since Jan. 1 2018. Cars that do not meet the country’s fuel economy standards, plus vehicles produced from internal manufacturers such as Cherry Automobile Co, Limited, and also models from FAW-Volkswagen and Beijing Benz Automotive have been affected.


China’s move was apparent to “shake” the car manufacturing sector which boasts of 28 million vehicles produced in 2016. Nevertheless, China has lots of small-scale car manufacturers, in which some of these manufacturers produce more than a hundred cars annually. The government has made adequate efforts to merge its automobile sector, which is a factor that has played a major role in the suspension.

Moreover, the secretary general of the China Passenger Car Association, Cui Dongshu has said that the suspension of car models in China would only affect 1% of the Chinese market. Although, China’s decision to deregister the fuel economy on different versions of car models is a good sign of the commitment the government has to combat air pollution that is resulting in climate change. The Chinese government has set out plans to promote electric vehicles in order to encourage a better environment.

Before now, China has placed more priority on economic growth than protecting the environment and produced more than half of greenhouse gases, but it has resurfaced as a stronghold to combat climate-change after several actions from the U.S government in the rejection of the Paris climate accord.

However, the Chinese government is under much pressure to dive into the problem of air pollution and put a halt to it once and for all. Several effects of air pollution have caused serious panic to the Chinese populace; there have been situations where air pollution has forced schools and businesses to shut down briefly. Late last year, China made plans to have the largest carbon market across the globe, thus, offering lots of Chinese big businesses a financial spur to operate freely.

The president of Dunne Automobiles, Michael Dunne, has said that “China is sending an immense message across the world”. It is important to note that Dunne Automobiles is a Hong Kong-based company in China’s automobile sector.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to note that China has now emerged as the world’s biggest sponsor of electric cars; it has also offered incentives to car manufacturers to produce electric vehicles. Although, these incentives will be replaced by quotas in 2 years’ time for the number of electric cars that must be sold. This plan has urged lots of automobile manufacturers to increase the pace in the production of electric vehicles.

By contrast, the U.S under the leadership of President Donald Trump has considered withdrawing its support from plans to combat change, thus, killing the tax credit for battery-powered cars in its recent tax overhaul.

However, considering the fact that big automobile manufacturers such as Dongfeng Motor Corporation were not spared, says so much about China’s commitment to fight air pollution and achieve their goals as soon as possible, thereby, not giving-in to favoritism to the “big players” in the automobile industry, says Bruce M. Belzowski, of the Automotive Futures group at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

China’s commitment has surprised other governments across the world today; this is due to the fact it has never indulged itself to take-up adequate measures on emission standard, not until now. At the moment, the Chinese government is empowering automobile manufacturers in the country to catch-up with the latest trend in making “clean cars”.

Mr. Dunne has made it known that “the latest stride is a recent indication of how fast their own automobile manufacturers have emerged and they are showing no signs of slowing down”.

Nevertheless, other foreign automobile manufacturers had to tally the effect of the ban on Tuesday. Manufacturers such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Honda, etc. have placed lots of probes. BMW, which is one of the biggest automobile industry has said that the company is not yet prepared for any statement.

Moreover, Engadget has stated that “the ban on vehicles that don’t meet the emission standards stands contrasts with the U.S. The Republican tax plan which has been released does not have adequate plans that would take out the EV tax credit, but only the spurs to move for environmental-friendly vehicles, which have little possibility to survive, due to the efforts of the current government to protect fossil fuels at all costs.

On the hand, the Chinese government is increasing its pace in the production of greener cars, because it has no option. Air pollution is imposing detrimental effects on China; due to this reason, the Chinese government is looking for adequate means to sustain the health of its residents.

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Scientists Warn of Permanent drought for 25% of the Earth by 2050, If Paris Goals Are Not Reached

There are lots of research on climate change and these studies have stated the detrimental effects of man-made gases that are released into the atmosphere daily. However, a recent study on the ever-growing effects of global climate inaction has stated that almost every part of the earth could end up in a long-lasting state of drought if its temperature rises or warms up to 2ºC by 2050.

However, it is important to note that a top researcher in this study named Manoj Joshi has this to say, “The research envisages that desertification would increase about 20% or more on the land surface if the global temperature reaches 2ºC”. Nevertheless, this new study has been published in the journal, Nature.


Today, climate change has been as a result of man-made activities, and researchers have linked and stated that the spread of extreme droughts has been as a result of human activities for many years. It has also been known that the only way to limit these effects is by avoiding the conditions that could result in climate change to a temperature of about 1.5ºC.

Furthermore, Dr. SU-Jong Jeong, a scientist in China’s University of Science and Technology has also concluded that “the temperature of the earth has warmed up by 1ºC but to keep global warming by 1.5ºC, is to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which may lead to the circumvention of aridification in many parts of the earth” this includes America, Africa, Australia, and Asia (which has almost 20% of the world’s population)

“It is important to know that aridification poses a serious risk to the earth because of its threat to vital areas such as biodiversity, farming, water quality, and so on”. Lead researcher and author at the Southern University and Technology in Shenzen, China, Chang-Eui Park, stated this in a recent news release. He has also indicated that aridification can also result in an increase in more droughts and wildfires in many parts of the world – related to those seen intense in California and its environs.

The recent research also concluded and showed that decreasing global warming to a 1.5ºC rise would prevent the spread of drought, and it is important to note that the rates of drought across the world today has already increased beyond human expectations. This is due to the fact that the temperature of the Earth has sporadically risen to 1ºC in global average temperature.

Scientists have taken a critical look at the probable occurrence of aridification for different levels of global warming, containing a 1.5ºC and 2ºC rise in the average temperature of the earth. Although, the Paris climate accord has been with lots of critics from environmentalists and scientists as not being adequate to the tasks of combating the problems associated with climate change which is already imposing lots of havoc across the world today. Nevertheless, the main objective of the Paris agreement is to decrease global warming to 2ºC by the end of the century. However, if we are to achieve this feat, “prompt measures” have to be taken to restrain the emergence of aridification.

The issue associated with the Paris agreement is that the U.S (which is the second largest emitter of carbon in the world) recently withdrew its support for the Paris accord under the governance of President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, President Trump has instead, moved to other directions stated by other scientists. Together with this, Trump has also increased his actions to gut adequate measures that have been put to place for environmental protection by the former administration during his first year in office, and it is vital to know that Trump is showing no signs of limiting his actions.

Furthermore, Trump has also stated last week of his enthusiasm of a warmer planet, when he tweeted that the United States “could use a little bit of that good old global warning” to fight the cold weather that is taking over other states in the east. In addition to this, he has shown that he is unaware of the discrepancy between weather and climate. Trump’s move to withdraw the U.S from the Paris climate accord has been criticized by lots of ecologists as “stupid and reckless”

The reckless decision has categorized Trump’s tactic to the environment, not only to the United States alone but also to the world – throughout his first year as the President of the United States. However, Trump’s tweet last week sparked lots of comments from environmentalists and analysts, but this is not the first tweet made by the American President on cold weather to suggest that the world should embrace climate crisis.

Moreover, David Sirota of the International Business Times has said that the president tweet should be preserved forever so that generations to come can know the reason why the American government didn’t take adequate measures to combat climate change.


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New York Takes a Leap on Renewable Energy Sources

New York is taking a leap to divest from fossil fuels. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo together with New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer released separate proposals to divest the pension funds of the state and the city from fossil fuel companies such as oil, gas, and coal.

The state is planning to divest almost $400 billion from the industry with the goal of de-carbonizing pension funds. It’s a huge yet risky move for New York since the state’s Common Fun is the third largest in the United States.


Different environmentalists and environmental organizations are celebrating this major progress in the global movement for the divestment of fossil fuels. After five years of powerful advocacy from many environmentalists and climate activities, the state and the city have already moved to involve themselves in such proposal.

It is worth noting that these proposals are not just mere assumptions. A study from the Carbon Tracker Initiative states that the Earth can only burn 800 more gigatons of carbon equivalent in order for the Earth to linger under its two-degree Celsius limit.

Another study by the Oil Change International shows that the world would burn around 982 gigatons of carbon equivalent should everyone burn all fossil fuel resources. From both of these studies, one thing remains for sure: the burning of fossil fuels must be stopped as soon as possible if we want to stay under the two-degree Celsius limit.

In a statement, Governor Cuomo said that New York has already made immense strides in securing a clean and renewable energy for the state. With their nation-leading clean energy standard including the development of offshore wind energy and the aggressive investment in the clean technology economy, he continued, moving the Common Fund away from investments on fossil fuel industries will help protect the retirement saving of the people of New York.

Governor Cuomo further mentioned that he was already working with New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli in studying how the $200 billion Common Fund can stop important investment in fossil fuels so that they can further reinvest in renewable sources of energy and a low-carbon economy.

It is worth noting that the pension fund of New York holds shares in more than 50 oil and gas companies. The ExxonMobil alone has been invested with nearly $1 billion. Divesting from various pollution entities like these fossil fuel industries can help achieve the clean energy goals of New York.

Governor Cuomo has cited several examples in recent times where divestment from fossil fuels was being planned out. Norway has intentions of divesting its $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund in gas and oil holdings. Moreover, the World Bank announces that it will stop financing oil and gas exploration after the year 2019. These are huge steps, but they could really be useful in the long run should we want to reduce our carbon footprints.

Meanwhile, Comptroller Singer mentioned that the city of New York is planning to examine ways on how to de-carbonize its portfolio also. He further said that this examination includes divesting current holdings in fossil fuel companies, the feasibility of ceasing additional investment in fossil fuels, and increasing the investments in clean and renewable energy.

Bill McKibben, one of those who has helped launch the divest movement, said that New York has finally taken a huge step towards divesting from fossil fuels. This has been a product of great activism. Moreover, this movement will resonate loud and evident all over the world because such proposal came from the capital of world finance: New York.

It is worth noting that more than 800 institutions represent more than $5.2 trillion in assets have already committed themselves to divest. As a matter of fact, other institutions have already cut their ties with fossil fuel companies. These include Columbia University, American Museum of Natural History, and Barnard College.

Rachel Rivera also praised the governor and the comptroller for their plans. The New York Communities for Change member congratulated the lawmakers for making New York the leading state in the country to fight against climate change. She stated that investing public funds in sources of climate destruction such as fossil fuels does not only bankrupt the state morally, but it is also a bad finance.

Neither of the proposals has given an end date for the proposed 100 percent divestment. Stringer mentioned that his office will still be bringing his plan to the New York City pension fund trustees for the coming weeks for deliberation. Cuomo, on the other hand, said that he would partner with New York State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli to establish an advisory committee to create and design a de-carbonization roadmap.

Either way, it is worth noting that these two proposals will have a significant impact on New York and to the rest of the world.


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France Bans Extraction of Fossil Fuel by 2040

France becomes the first country to pass a law which bans any extraction of fossil fuels in all of its constituent territories by 2040. This includes fracking or any other form of extracting shale gas and fossil fuels.

Passed by the French National Assembly, this law also prohibits the awarding of any new permits to extract fossil fuels, while existing licenses of companies will not be able to renew past 2040. This means, oil production in France and all of its territories will finally come to an end.


This freshly legalized regime will make France the first nation within the European Union and the rest of the world to commit to an outright ban on oil gas and oil production.

Moreover, this newly passed law is in line with the goal of French President Emmanuel Macron to make France the leader in the switch to renewable energy. As a matter of fact, he has always been vocal about his ambitions to make France as the leading nation in the drive towards a sustainable use of energy following the opposing decision of the United States regarding the issue.

However, it is worth noting that France imports 99% of its fossil fuel requirements. Within the country and its territories, just over 800,000 tons of oil are produced a year. Saudi Arabia can extract the same amount of oil in just a few hours. These data mean that the bill will only make a small effect on the global scale since there is only a small portion of fossil fuels that are extracted across the country and in overseas territories. Because of this law, the fossil fuel exploration in Guyana, A territory of France in South America, will be directly affected.

Taking the data aside, the law is still a significant step in fighting against climate change. Delphine Batho, a socialist lawmaker, hoped that the outright ban would inspire nations with bigger oil productions to follow suit.

Since President Macron took his office mid-2017, he has committed his drive to shut down all coal power plants in France by 2023. He is even deciding to put an end to the sale of diesel cars and petrol by 2040. Moreover, France has also announced its intention to close up to 17 nuclear power plants by 2025. While these power plants provide the country with most of its zero-emissions electricity, the ultimate goal is to replace these sources with renewable ones and not pollution producers.

France, under the leadership of Macron, is also luring climate scientists of the United States with $70 million worth of grants, after nearly 2,000 American researchers applied for such grants. These researchers are said to have experienced the devaluing of science under the administration of Trump.

Shortly after the announcement of the United States to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, France has launched their version of President Trump’s slogan called, “Make Our Planet Great Again.” The campaign stresses the commitment of France in achieving climate and energy transition within its territory, as a nation within the European Union, and as a leading country at the international level.

Nicolas Hulot, the ecology minister of France, says the ban will ensure consistency between the laws and the climate commitments of the country under the Paris Climate Change Agreement. He further mentioned that to remain below the two-degree Celsius limit, the country must leave most of fossil fuel sources underground.

Similar to the statement of Delphine Batho, Hulot also mentioned that while the production of gas and oil is outweighed by the country’s consumption of imported energy sources, France remains to be the first country to take such measures that will hopefully have a contagion effect with the rest of the world.

However, such news is not taken lightly by environmental organizations in France. Apparently, there are signed contracts for gas and oil extraction by the French government that predate the ban. Canceling these obligations could have corresponding financial penalties. According to Juliette Renaud, a fossil fuel industry expert with Friends of the Earth, there are around 55 exploration licenses that may have been previously approved. These licenses will likely be extended.

Renaud further mentioned that 132 extraction permits are still awaiting approval. She argued that if the French territories and the rest of the world will continue to exploit conventional hydrocarbons, it may be difficult for the nation to help keep the global temperatures from rising above two degrees Celsius.

At the moment, it is still too early to gauge the results of such law. However, it is worth noting that every little bit of action would be essential to inhibit the apparent dark future of the environment that we are starting to notice. Moreover, this symbolic ban may be a crucial step, especially that the United States has already committed itself to renew its dying coal industry.


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Don’t Blame God or Nature. We are the Leading Cause of Natural Disasters.

Often times, we have often said most events that occur naturally were caused by God or they are natural disasters. One question that comes to the mind is, what is natural about events such as climate-induced disasters that occur today? It is important to note that since the mutiny of “Anthropocene” which is an era when species have become the main influence of the alteration of the earth’s biological, physical, and chemical properties, man has been using fossil fuels to empower the growth of technologies and since then, with the rise in human population, it has caused an insatiable need for the consumption of these fuels. As a result of these activities, we are now solely responsible for the catastrophic concerns that are occurring today.

Right now, the density of water in big dams and the process of drilling deep in the earth before water is injected into the rock at a very high pressure (fracking) are one of the leading causes of natural disasters such as earthquakes. Also, actions such as draining water-logged areas, the reduction of water for industrial farming, production of plastics and certain chemicals, the pollution of aquatic bodies/habitat with nitrogen, deforestation, and the use of environmentally harmful methods for fishing, all combine to cause a change in the environment. Not only that, these practices have also caused an extinction of some species in our world today since the disappearance of dinosaurs about millions of years ago.


However, even though we are the real perpetrators of these bad occurrences that are happening with our climate and also events like earthquakes, the extinction of species etc. We have decided to shift the blame to God or to natural disasters. It is also important to know that recently, humans have placed bounties and a rule to kill certain species such as wolves, seals, and basking sharks.

The insects which are obviously the most important group of animals in our ecosystem are also been affected by man’s activities, and this includes the production of pesticides and insecticides to eliminate their existence. One the famous pesticide known today is neonicotinoids–  are sensitive to bees which are vital pollinators. Forests that have existed a long time ago are called wild forests, while farms that substitute them, later on, are called a normal forest.

Do you know that there are lots of places on earth that are vital to the ecosystem that needs protection?  Hence, places like the temperate forest that cuts across Alaska and Northern California is one of the infrequent biomes on earth. The trees in this place have been annihilated in the U.S.

Lots of environmentalists have advocated on protecting the remains of this place, and as a result of their advocacy, they have been called “gluttonous”. Not only where environmentalist called “gluttonous”, they were called “enemies of BC” by Former BC Premier, Glen Clark. Furthermore, names like “eco-terrorists” and “radicals” were names given to environmentalists who want to salvage the environment.  But do you know that the real enemies are those who rush to cut-down trees, and destroy the atmosphere without putting the environmental consequences that might occur in mind?

It is sad to know that we have totally overlooked what the word “ecology” and “economy” mean. Both words mean a “domain” or a place we live and thrive in. Due to the fact that humans are always looking for ways to use their environment, they aren’t specific to a particular domain or environment. And as result, we can now live in any place that we choose for ourselves such as mountains, rocks, deserts, jungles, etc. Environmentalists try to look for factors that enhance the survival of species in their environment. While Economists are empowered to “supervise” our activities within our habitat.

People like the Prime Minister of the United States of America have their says that it is impossible to set up policies in order to reduce the release of greenhouse house gases which have detrimental effects on the economy. These set for people have a certain belief that the economy is very important than the atmosphere that influences the weather and climate.

In the same vein, lots of economic conservatives protest against a proficient market solution to climate change, such as carbon pricing, but do you know that market pricing is a good solution for climate change? An instance is the carbon pricing in Sweden which involved a tax of $35 a tonne in 1991, and this made an increase to the economy of Sweden to about 60% by 2012, thus reducing the release of greenhouse gases to about 25%. The tax has been increased to more than $170 to date.

On a concluding note, we all know the effects of climate change on our economy due to the increase in the use of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases.  However, these agents are the main factors of some bad happenings such as the monstrous wildfires (Kelowna, Fort McMurray), loss of glaciers, etc. All these events aren’t natural, instead, they are induced by man as a result of certain activities. Hence, we need to take responsibility and tackle these problems once and for all.

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Recent Climate Study: Severe Forecasts on Global Warming Could Be Accurate

Reports on global warming are not new all over the world today and events that contribute to climate change include the burning of fossil fuels to foster the growth of our economy. It has also been discovered that by 2100, the earth will be 15% warmer than it should. Also, the growth of indecision of disconsolate projections has been narrowed also. However, it is important to note that lots of climate models have been made so far and these models project that the amount of climate change in this century is the ones that support current observations.

Furthermore, the use of climate models is to project how much warming is taking place and what we should expect when there is an increase in the concentration of gases like CO2 ( Carbon dioxide) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Recent research has affirmed that the uncertainty of global warming is narrow, which means that the future looks dire for us.

Climate researchers who have worked on global warming had already proposed that there is a 62% chance of the earth becoming warmer on average by more than 4 degrees Celsius if there are no policies or measures to control the emissions of greenhouse gases. With a recent climate study, the uncertainty of global warming has been narrowed and it is now estimated that by 2100, there will be a 93% chance that global warming will exceed 4 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, many nations of the world had a meeting in Paris in 2015 and they made a joint decision to curb the rise of global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius; even at this temperature, the state of global warming can still pose a great danger to the earth. However, one degree higher to this temperature is cataclysmic. And an increase above 5 degrees Celsius could pose a total change to the world or may even end it.

It is also important to note that two United State researchers made a report in the journal Nature. They made use of several climate models for the projections which were proposed by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and they also aligned the reasons against some opinions that were made.

In the report also, a detailed look was done on the differences in seasonal and monthly climate, the utilization of energy, the emissions of greenhouse gases, and how they affect temperatures. Furthermore, there have also been some contentions about how accurate these climate models work and how they can be used to forecast the world’s climate in the next centuries to come. With this, it has been affirmed that the future looks dire for us if nothing is done on global warming.

A researcher from the Stanford University of California has said that with the results gotten by them, it does not make sense to discard the forecasts made on global warming probably due to the fact that the models used are imperfect in their imitation to the way the climate looks now.

More truths

Researchers from the Stanford University of California have proposed that they are trying to show that the faults of the climate model can be used to discard predictions that are not severe. They have also stated that their results which were gotten by them suggest that if the world is to achieve a total stabilization of global temperature, then there is a need for a drastic decrease in the emissions of greenhouse gases that were previously envisaged.

With these statements and affirmations, it has been known that the use of climate models are essential as the use of climate data itself and that the basis of uncertainty could be the effect of warming. This means that there will be more evaporation to a warmer earth; which implies that the warmth of the earth is captured in the atmosphere which could cause an increase in the radiation of the sun.

For many years now, lots of research have been done in order measure with accuracy, the links between the emissions of greenhouse gases from the combustion of coal, natural gas, and oil, and the change in the temperature of the earth.

Modest indication

A researcher in Carnegie by name Ken Caldeira has estimated the way in which Carbon dioxide causes global warming in the earth and the way in which greenhouse gases can warm the earth for a long period of time.

However, recent conclusions solely rely on modest indications which is the precision with which climate models can be used to envisage the future of the earth when it comes to climate change.

Ken Caldeira has praised the use of these models that simulate today’s comments and he has also said that these models may be the most reliable forecast for the future of the earth.

Finally, based on a recent research, it has been confirmed that if there are no adequate policies put in place concerning the emissions of greenhouse gases, there is a high chance that global warming will surpass 4 degrees Celsius by the end of this century, which indicates grave danger on the future of the earth.


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Why Gardening is Good For Your Health [Infographic]

The point of Conserve Future Energy is to help others realize what kind of state our planet is in right now. With climate change, global warming and our constant usage of non-renewable energy resources, we need to do all we can to do our bit for the environment and one way you can do your part, have some tasty food, stay in shape and also have fun is by gardening. The people at WhatShed got in touch and we have this infographic that shows just how good for you gardening can be.

By growing your own food, you are making sure that you are eating more organic and natural food. Of course, this is going to save you money in the long run, but it is also a way that you can do your small part for the environment. Growing your own food is a wonderful experience and that first time you make a dish with vegetables you have grown from scratch, you will never look back.

Gardening takes care of your physical and mental health so you get full body workout. Speaking of which, you no longer need to go to the gym as gardening for a few hours is just as good for burning calories as spending an hour in the gym. People who are keen gardeners tend to be happier people and more adept at fighting off things like strokes and various heart issues. As you can see, gardening does wonders for your body and the better in health you are, mentally and physically, the more you can do for the environment.

So as you can see by spending time in your garden, growing plants and carefully growing your own food, you can save money, be healthier and also make sure that your pantry is full of great tasting food. Have a good look at the infographic and see all of the wonderful benefits gardening offers you.


Rinkesh is passionate about clean and green energy. He is running this site since 2009 and writes on various environmental and renewable energy related topics. He lives a green lifestyle and is often looking for ways to improve the environment around him.

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