11 Best and Popular US Carbon Offset Providers

Carbon offsets are schemes or initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide emissions by compensating for or neutralizing the emissions made. In other words, it pertains to investment in environmental projects with the sole objective of balancing carbon footprints. It’s a practice that has increasingly gained popularity globally with more and more carbon offset providers joining the initiative.

The carbon offset providers primarily work to reduce future emissions by investing in clean energy technologies, planting trees, or buying and compensating for the carbon emitted from emissions trading scheme. Offset providers widely vary in terms of their areas of focus and charges, and their operations are determined by their respective locations. Overall, whether in the UK, US, Australia, or Canada, the central objective is to promote environmental sustainability. Here are the top 11 carbon offset providers in the US.


1. Sustainable Travel International

The mission of Sustainable Travel International is reducing the impacts of carbon footprint through tourism and travel. In partnership with NGOs, governments, companies and communities, the offset provider works towards sustainable development goals to limit the adverse effects of climate change by selling carbon credits with regards to flying or other travel activities and using the funds to protect the planet’s terrestrial ecosystems.

Its focus is centrally on preventing deforestation, irresponsible development, and over-exploitation. In the various partnership projects, Sustainable Travel International ensures real and measurable results by supporting biodiversity conservation, clean and renewable energy, and planting trees that help in absorbing and storing carbon.

2. Green Mountain Energy

With an overriding commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing the overall environmental impacts, Green Mountain Energy offers high quality standards on carbon offset provision. The high quality standards set by the provider ensures that the carbon offsets are sourced from reputable and verified third party industries.

The main areas of operation include the advancement of forestry projects, waste water treatment, promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, and the capture of methane gas at landfills.

3. Native Energy

Native Energy takes pride as an organization responsible for offering solutions to climate change through the provision of carbon tracking services, carbon offsets, and renewable energy credits. Founded in 2002, it has assisted individuals and businesses in identifying and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and reach their goals on environmental sustainability.

Native Energy has also partnered with Green America in promoting actions towards reducing carbon footprints by funding new solar, wind, water, and conservation projects. Native Energy states that by purchasing carbon offsets from them, it helps to finance new wind turbines, renewable energy at schools, and methane gas capturing on family farms.

4. WGL Energy

WGL Energy is devoted to offering money-saving and reliable carbon offset options for individuals, businesses and organizations across the US as well as the sate. Founded in 1996 and located in Vienna, Virginia, the offset provider was previously known as Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc.

It currently serves based on the knowledge that every penny counts and when it comes to the commitment to supporting sustainable practices, WGL Energy ensures value is placed on promoting carbon reduction, renewable energy and energy efficient solutions.

On customer’s behalf, WGL Energy invests the carbon offsets to reduce carbon footprint on projects such as tree planting, water conservation and management, and the development of future clean air.

5. Cool Effect

Cool Effect supports the reduction of carbon emission by funding carbon-reducing projects across the globe. The offset provider operates on a crowdfunding platform and it’s on this basis that it generates the funds it uses to advance carbon-reducing projects. Cool Effect main headquarters is in Kentfield, California and its success is associated with the high number of projects it has funded globally in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Just like many other carbon offset companies in the US, Cool Effect’s main objective is to fight climate change by finding impressive projects around the world that have a proven track record of reducing carbon emissions.

6. ClearSky Climate Solutions

The focus of Clearsky is searching for opportunities to manage climate change problems by designing and supporting market-based forest carbon. For the most part, Clearsky’s priority on conserving forest resource in the long-term gives it the credibility of being among the best US carbon offset providers.

Through carbon footprint assessment and comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction services, Clearsky Climate Solution easily provides individuals, groups, companies and organizations with clear guidelines on how to reduce and balance emissions with high-quality carbon offsets.

It also provides customized technical assistance to those who seek to offset their carbon footprint through periodic workshops, seminars, and training programs throughout the year.


7. Sterling Planet

Sterling Planet is one of the leading providers of retail renewable energy. With several years of experience, Sterling Planet has been accredited as a carbon offset provider in the US on the basis of developing green power projects and supporting hundreds of clean energy generators.

For this reason, EPA has more than once recognized Sterling Planet as an award winning green power supplier of the year. Specific to carbon offset initiative, it counter balances carbon use for the American community by supporting projects with an objective of capturing greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy use and personal transportation.

Sterling Planet assures buyers that their offsets are of high-quality, real, additional – more than “business as usual,” and permanent.

8. 3 Degrees

3 Degrees partners with various environmental conscious organizations and connects with millions of people to help make positive environmental impact. 3 Degrees is also well equipped in the delivery of renewable energy products and climate change consultancy.  It has helped universities, small businesses, government agencies, and even Fortune 500 companies in offsetting their carbon footprint.

Aside from connecting thousands of people with clean energy, it has about 8.8 million verified carbon offsets delivered. 3 Degrees also sources top-notch, third party verified carbon offsets from emission reduction initiatives. As a matter of fact, it has bought and dedicated more than 3 million tons of carbon offsets.

9. BEF Carbon Mix

BEF Carbon Mix empowers business to be in balance with the environment through the provision of a myriad set of programs, products and tailored solutions that aid in mitigating environmental footprint. The solutions, products, and programs provided by BEF Carbon Mix are matched with various business goals and are meant to reduce the overall impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

Particularly, the programs and solutions are geared towards designing and strengthening renewable energy technology, water conservation and management, forest management, waste heat capture and landfill gas capturing.

10. TerraPass

Terrapass projects run throughout the United States, offering solutions to the major environmental problems and supporting local communities. The main areas of concentration by TerraPass include expanding and supporting farm power, production of clean energy from wind power, and capturing landfill gas.

The offsets options offered by TerraPass are on car and airplane emissions, home energy use, and offsets schemes for business as well as for wedding events. With the headquarters in SanFransico, California, TerraPass utilizes the funds from carbon credit purchases to fund projects such as wind power, landfill gas capture, and improving forest management with the objective of reducing greenhouse gasses.

11. Carbon Solutions Group

Carbon Solutions Group is guided by the slogan “low carbon for a sustainable future.”  The groups’ aim is developing effective strategies for environmental asset management and its primary role is supported by several independent working relationships globally.

In terms of carbon offset provision, it delivers solutions by capturing 100% of landfill methane. Other areas of specialization by the group include greenhouse gas emission monitoring, green building projects, carbon and renewable energy projects, and emissions management and mitigation.

Carbon Solutions Group also has a comprehensive team of experts including financial traders, policy analysts, multi-disciplined engineers and environmental consultants thus the ranking as one of the top carbon offset providers in the US.

Links for these offset providers just to verify if I’m on the right track as some links refused to open due to my IP address, regards!

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Maximizing Solar Energy Advantages – 7 Elements to Consider In Building a Solar Power-Ready Home

Today, as the sources of traditional energy are fast depleting and their prices rapidly rising, more and more countries and even industries have realized that nothing is more abundant and affordable than the energy that comes from the sun. As the massive switch is going on, you too can maximize the benefits of solar energy advantages by making your home solar power-ready or if you’re still at the planning stage of your dream house, you can make it ready for solar power technology by integrating the following elements:

Elements to Consider In Building a Solar Power

1. Thermal mass – is one of the elements in designing a building in which the mass is given consideration to ensure the property retains its balance against temperature changes. Brick walls, polished concrete, and tile floors are better materials that can absorb heat during the day when temperatures are higher while providing thermal energy during cooler temperatures at night.

2. Windows – the Windows are the best spots of your house where you can collect heat from the sun. It is ideal for windows on the south side of the house to be bigger to let the sun’s heat go through the house during the day. Windows on the north side should be smaller to keep the heat at night.

3. Ventilation – Doors, and windows should be positioned opposite each other to allow for unobstructed cooling to flow through the house by the time the air cools down in the evening during the summer season.

Read more advantages of solar cell

4. Insulation and draught proofing – proper insulation of roofs, floors and walls as well as filling of gaps to prevent draughts or current of air to intrude.

5. Shading – appropriate placement of exterior shading structures should be wide enough to intercept the intense heat of the sun during summer and passable enough for the winter sun to go through.

6. Layout, orientation, and positioning of your house on the land – the south side of the house is the spot where you’ll get most of the sun’s heat during the daytime. It is advantageous to position your living areas on the sunny side. However, if you live in the southern hemisphere, you’ll get the sun’s heat on the north side.

7. Landscaping – target the cooling breeze to flow through your house by positioning the trees and plants in the key areas of your property where it can also serve as a shade during summer. Additionally, the best trees to plant are trees that shed off leaves in winter.

Integrating these elements to get the most of the solar energy advantages for your own property doesn’t really involve a great deal of financial investment and time. It is actually possible to apply them and turn your old property into solar power-ready with simple modifications such as moving your living area to face the south side, installing additional windows, repositioning doors for good ventilation and planting of more trees to get properly shaded. All these can be carried out without spending a huge amount of money.

What Are 3D Solar Cells and Advantages

3D Solar Cells

The near completion of the making of the new generation solar cell prototype is seen as a key milestone in getting the most of the solar energy advantages especially in turning solar power affordable to all.

Solar3D, Inc., a California-based company and the makers of what they call the new, “super- efficient” solar cell has announced recently that it has successfully completed the design of the experimental model and that they are now on their way to the completion of every design elements such as the 3-dimensional photovoltaic structure, the optical element and the suitability of the design for mass production.

It took one year for their team to conduct intensive research, development, and testing.  The CEO of Solar3D said that once everything is complete, the production of these technologically advanced solar cells will pave a way for changes in the solar industry as well as the opinion of consumers about the utilization of solar power.

3D Solar Cells and Advantages

The 3-dimesional solar cell technology offers a new way to maximize the conversion of solar energy into electricity. This breakthrough technology is patterned from the light management techniques used in fiber optic devices, in which the 3D design is used to harvest sunlight in micro-photovoltaic structures where photons travel around until they are turned into electrons.

According to the developers, the efficiency of the new solar cell will be significantly higher compared to the present solar technology in the market.  They believe that this much more efficient solar cell technology will create a huge impact in making this an attractive business for investors.

Jim Nelson, Solar3D’s CEO emphasized that their new solar cell technology provides an economically competitive way to generate power. This is in addition to other solar energy advantages over fossil-fuelled power sources. The company’s goal is to make solar power available and affordable to worldwide consumers.  Their engineers are developing not only more efficient solar power instruments but also products that can be massively produced.

They consider this new achievement as their significant share in the industry’s campaign particularly SunShot initiative by Stephen Chu, the Energy Secretary which aims at bringing solar electricity rates at par with traditional providers.

Although, at present, this new solar cell technology is currently under positive development and nearly on its way to completion, but the fact that the potential scope of the market will be worldwide, this can be considered a big leap not only in our concern about global warming but it could also pose as one of the viable solutions to the growing global unemployment and economic problem.

Advantages of Solar Energy

The Numerous Advantages of Solar Energy

All of us surely have an idea about solar energy. But for those who do not have, solar energy can be best defined as the energy coming from the sun. Unlike any other sources of energy, solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source. Compared to oil, gas, and coal, solar energy can be replenished which only means that it does not run out. Solar energy has long been harnessed by the humans, using their series of developing the technology. At present, solar energy is harnessed through the use of batteries and series of solar panels. The radiant light which comes from the sun is collected by the solar panels and the energy is then stored in the batteries. At the same time, the stored energy can be used to power appliances and other types of machinery. The excess energy can then be stored for future use when the radiant light is not yet accessible for some reasons. Another way to harness the solar energy is through the use of photovoltaic cells (PV). They convert the sun’s ray to electricity which can then be used to power bulbs, recharge batteries and run household appliances. What are the benefits and advantages of solar energy?

Advantages of Solar Energy | Solar Energy Advantages

There are plenty advantages of solar energy that you can actually expect. If you are concerned about your bills, you might think of turning into solar energy. The energy from the sun has no cost, so practically, after the initial investment in the equipment that will be used in harnessing the sun’s energy, the electricity that will be produced is free. All you have to do is to capture the sun’s rays and your bills will be greatly reduced or even totally eliminated. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy. Although it is not accessible at night or on cloudy days, still, its availability can rely on day after day. Hence, it is an abundant source of energy. Unlike any other sources of energy, solar energy does not emit destructive substances that might cause harm to the environment. People are looking for energy sources that are cheaper and will not cause them too much expense when using them. With the help of further researches and of the fast evolving technology, solar energy will surely be of great help to the people for their future use. These are the main advantages of solar energy.


Benefits of solar energy are not only for the people but also for the environment. Solar energy greatly reduces pollution. Compared to other energy sources like fossil fuels which emit harmful gases and chemicals, solar energy’s power plants note zero emissions and do not create harm to the environment. The solar energy technology is fast improving, making the equipment cheaper and easier for solar installation which also makes it more appealing to the people. Once the equipment is installed and brought to the height of its efficiency, little maintenance is needed to ensure that they are working properly. Generally speaking, solar energy is an alternative energy source that people should resort to for more efficient and better source of energy. As you can see the advantages of solar energy are many, is a thing to consider for you to save money and the environment.

What is an Inverter? How does it work?

Complete Guide on how an inverter works

In simple terminology, this device is known as an electric box, which makes the household electricity for the gadgets, which are used, in daily life. At first, the idea of understanding the concept of how the inverter works is quite difficult and tricky, but once the individual gets the concept straight then there is no more confusion left. The concept of it gets clear in the head if is not clear of how inverter works then the individual is just limited to knowledge of what an inverter is.

The inverter is a great invention for human, without this device, we might be still stuck with few things. For instance, now individual’s work life doesn’t come to a halt if they plan on traveling as the technology has evolved.Earlier when people used to travel a lot, their time was consumed by the journey and their work time was wasted. Now during the travel, a person is able to work and communicate with their office while being miles away and not being in the office or city physically. This has made travel very easy than ever expected, and this all is due to the inverter. Normally if the individual is traveling by their car, SUV’S or caravans across the country and they are constantly in touch with their office.

While the kids are enjoying their trip, and don’t cause any problems for the parents by crying and fighting, they are watching cartoons on their LCD’s which are fitted in the headrest of the front seats. Now all these things need a supply of electricity in order to operate and work. It is similar to when we work on our laptops; they require electricity after a certain time in order to run. They are being run on inverters and the way inverter works for this gadget is not that tricky, one just needs to get their head around it. The same is the case with the televisions at home they run on electricity. Now, what the individual wonders are that how do all these gadgets operate and function within their cars, SUV’s or caravans, it all because of the inverter and below how inverter works will be explained.

Most of the individuals have the curiosity about how the inverter works; it is not difficult to comprehend.  As mentioned above that the inverter takes power from the batteries and then it eventually turns the power into the household current, and the household current is to be known as the alternate current. Let’s first clarify the difference between the DC, which is the acronym for Direct current (the direct current, here the current starts from one direction or from one place and directly or straightly goes to the other end. The flow of the current is in one direction, therefore another reason it is also known as Direct current. Batteries are an example of direct current as there the current flows from one direction and run straight to the end of other direction). While the AC is an acronym for Alternate current, and the alternate current does tend to flow in one direction for a certain period. Then it changes its direction of current flow and now it goes in the opposite direction of the original flow. An example of AC current is the switches, which we have in our household. Another reason why the sockets use the AC current is that the Alternate Current is easily produced in comparison to the Direct Current. Above the denotation of inverter states, that it is an apparatus which known to convert two types of currents, the direct current to alternate current. Now the two types of currents are defined and their purpose as well, which makes it easier to comprehend how the inverter works.

how inverter works What is an Inverter? How it works?

“The inverter also increases the Direct current voltage then it changes it to the alternate current, before sending it to power the gadget.”

The inverter also increases the Direct current voltage then it changes it to the alternate current, before sending it to power the gadget. This is how the inverter works, although before it was opposite the alternate current used to convert into the direct current. Although when this procedure was reversed into the direct current into, alternate current.

Let’s give a brief description on how the inverter works for the gadgets being used in the cars, SUVs and the caravans. The MP3, GPS acronym for Global Positioning System, the LCD or the children might want to play with their portable video games (PSP, game boys). All these types of gadgets can be charged in the car, now the question which is commonly raised amongst the kids especially that how do these gadgets get charged within the car, SUV’s or the caravans when there is no socket which supplies electricity in order for the gadgets to be charged. The answer to the question on how the inverter works are very simple and a one-word answer with the help of the inverter. Which leads to another question of their; what is inverter and how the inverter works. For them in easy and plain language which is easily comprehensible to them is that inverter is an electrical box which helps in producing electricity within the car for gadgets like these to be charged. Now the answer to their second part on how the inverter works should also be kept simple and logical for them. It basically gets electricity from the car, stores in the electrical box and then when the individual plugs in their gadgets into the cigarette lighter which becomes the power port rather the socket which given the current and electricity to the gadget in order to help them to charge. This is how the inverter works in the cars, SUV’s, and the caravans as well.

In conclusion, the concept of how the inverter works is not that all one needs to do is try to comprehend it in the way it conceivable to person who has no knowledge about what the inverter is and how the inverter works.

Flexible Solar Panels: Technology Gets Better and Better

One thing we know for sure is that technology continues to improve, and at an exponential rate. The better any technology gets, the better it is at improving upon itself. Most of the major inventions of the modern world are actually innovations on existing technologies. Everyone is waiting for the next technological shift in solar power, hoping that solar is indeed the energy source of the future.

Challenges Faced by the Solar Industry

The three major challenges to solar power efficiency are easy to understand. Cost, battery life, and convenience have kept solar power from being the right choice for the majority of people. The good news is that these challenges are rapidly being overcome by improvements in solar technology.

Firstly, solar panels have long been more expensive to produce than the return in energy savings warrants. In the past, if you bought a solar panel you may not pay off that initial investment for 10 to 20 years. The solar panel may last that long, but convincing people that the investment is worth their while is tough. And many people just cannot commit to that kind upfront investment. Fortunately, technological advances have started to lower the price of solar panels. Now if you buy solar panels, you can earn money when you are creating a surplus by selling the power back to your power company.

The second major challenge is battery life. Without an efficient, safe, and dependable way to store energy from the sun, solar power becomes less dependable. What do you do when the sun isn’t shining? Of course, if you have a solar array that powers batteries, you can store up energy when it is sunny and then use it on cloudy days. Unfortunately, improvements in battery life have been slow to catch up with the improvements in solar efficiency.

The third challenge is convenience. The market for small-scale solar panels has not been big enough to warrant investment by manufacturers. Producers of solar panels have focused on the bigger investors, such as businesses and governments. Those kinds of big projects are worthwhile. But making convenience, small-scale solar panels for individuals and families seems riskier. What if the market doesn’t take off? How do you justify investing in creating a lot of something when the gain on each individual item is small?

Overcoming Challenges with Flexibility

Flexible solar panels are a huge step in the right direction. For a long time, solar panels have been viewed as heavy, cumbersome, and expensive. The relative gain on an investment in solar seemed small when compared with the upfront costs. But as solar technology improves, the costs fall and the benefits begin to outweigh the costs. Flexibility means better solutions for every application of solar power sources. Solar roofing installations can power an entire home and even make a profit for the owners with surplus energy. Small flexible solar panels can be used to charge mp3 players, laptops, and cell phones.

Flexible solar panels are lightweight, dependable, and represent the latest technology available to consumers. The truth is that solar power is the future. Our energy needs are rapidly outstripping the planet’s resources, and every carbon based energy source is going to run out sooner rather than later. The sun, however, will always shine.

As technology in harnessing the power of the sun improves, our chances of using solar power as the main power source grows. The sun doesn’t have to be out every day if the technology to collect, store, and use solar energy is as good as it can be.



The best things you can get with the solar power

Solar energy, an alternative and renewable power source, has been proposed by many as a  reat source of energy. Although it is not widely used today, solar energy has a great potential to be used in future. There are several ways to harness the sunlight. The use of solar panels or photovoltaic cell is the most common way to acquire the much needed solar energy. They are avery efficient in generating a clean and renewable source of electricity.

How Solar Energy Works

Solar panels gather and directly convert the sun’s energy into electricity. During daylight, the photovoltaic cells which are arranged in a grid-like pattern on the solar panel’s surface collect the sunlight and turn it into electricity, the charge controller regulates the amount of energy sent to the batteries to avoid being overcharged or with low energy, batteries store the energy to be used at night or when there is a blackout, the inverter is needed to convert the DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) which is used in your home appliances.

A diagram showing how passive solar energy works. Source: energysavers.gov

solar energy

Another way to harness the sunlight is by using solar thermal energy. This is commonly used for heating homes, providing hot water, heating swimming pools, and space heating. Usually, space and hot water heaters use a storage tank to store the heated water while pool heaters recycle the water by using collectors which heat the water and return it to the pool. The other way to harness solar energy is through passive solar. A good example is opening your windows or curtains in the morning to let the sunlight in. Passive solar also known as direct gain includes the building architecture that has a good thermal mass such as specific kinds of materials that can store the sun’s energy for future use. Basically, the solar energy advantages are numerous, is something to think about so that you can save cash and also the environment.

Various benefits of Solar Energy

Although solar energy has its disadvantages, these will surely be covered by its advantages as further researches are done to bring the use of solar energy to a higher level. Here are some solar energy advantages.

  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source. Though we cannot harness it during night time, we can still rely on its availability day after day.
  • Solar energy costs nothing. The energy from the sun is free so after giving up a little bit of money, the source of energy is practically free.
  • Solar cells do not require much maintenance once these are brought up to their maximum efficiency.
  • Solar cells are quiet collectors. They produce no noise, unlike any other energy sources.
  • Solar panels are very reliable. With parts fixed and not moving, these can last longer than any other energy source.


Together with its advantages, here are some benefits of solar energy.

  • Solar energy is clean. It does not produce pollution at all. Solar power plants emit zero pollution and do not cause harm to the environment.
  • The initial investment in the equipment can be expensive but once it is brought to its maximum efficiency, you will not need to worry about bills. You will find it lesser or even totally free.
  • Because of the improvements in the solar energy technology, the costs are getting cheaper, making it more acceptable to be utilized as one of the most commonly used energy sources.

Indeed, there are many benefits and advantages that you can expect, aside from being cost effective this is also very friendly to our environment.


Now you must be careful in choosing your solar system since there are many expensive devices that work unsatisfactorily. You must keep in mind that electricity rate prices on the payback time of the purchase are a direct function of the value of the energy generated by your solar panel. So the cheaper and efficient the solar system the faster the payback time on the system you chose. Evidently, you have to consider sunless locations. But you also have an alternative solution for this kind of trouble. The renewable energy legislation, signed into law on October 2008 encourages people to embrace alternative energy, including solar energy. So, if you have a roof or any small space to place a solar panel made by yourself in an easy way, you should consider enjoying your energy freedom.

Say goodbye to fat energy bills!



Solar Powered Lighting

Saving Money And The Earth With Solar Powered Lighting

Solar Powered Lighting

A great option for homes is renewable energy. There are many forms of renewable energy you can incorporate into your home and one major way to do this is with solar powered lighting. Inside or out you can get renewable energy in your home and save money while keeping our earth green.

With a solar panel installation, you can enjoy indoor solar lighting both day and night. You will not need most likely your lights on during the day but at night you can have lighting that lasts throughout the night. Each day the collection of power on your panel will convert and can be used for the lighting. It is a repetitive process that will continue for as long as you want it to last.

There are special lights you can buy that are used with solar lighting. Or you can use a system that is used for regular powered lamps and watt bulbs. It depends on the place that you want to use the lights.

Many outage areas are in your home as well. You can use solar energy in basements, garages, and sheds easily. You can put a panel on the side of your shed, for example, so capture the energy to be used. This is a great way to diminish the cost of lighting my buildings in your property in addition to the rooms in your home.

For outside users, you can install lighting especially made to capture solar power. When night falls you can use the lighting pre-energized by the sun. It gives a soft glow that makes seeing outside very attractive. The motion sensor lights now created that gain their energy source from the sun. This saves a lot of energy with wiring and added costs to lighting the outside of your home.

Saving Money using Solar Powered Lighting

Solar powered lighting may cost a bit more in the beginning but the turtle wins the race. As you save a lot of money in the future. As you keep a lot of dollars in your pocket down the road. You can have many opportunities to save money with special rebates and discounts on your taxes as well by using solar energy in any form.

Check into home install kits on solar energy systems regarding using it for lighting. The detailed information online where you can find the exact items you need for installing the panels that you need for using solar powered lighting in your home. If needed you can also find many contractors to help you with the installation of your lighting.

Solar Battery Storage When Converting To Solar Energy In Your Home

Solar Battery storage

You have decided to get on the green train and convert your home with a solar power energy system. First of all, way to go, and second, you need to know about solar battery storage. You will need to know many things as you change your way of thinking about the way you gather and use power in your home and this includes your thinking on batteries.

A battery storage system is essential to the completion of your solar energy kit. It will hold the energy saved up that you need to run electrical items in your home. The battery will store an excess collection of your solar energy collected.

The remaining power that you obtain, that is not being stored in your battery and not being used in your home, will be sent to your local power company by the use of an inverter. This inverter will send the power to your local company and they, in turn, will reduce your utility bill. In some cases, they will pay you for the energy that you send them.

A solar battery uses amp power. This size of the battery that you will need will depend on the size of your home and the size of your grid system. It will require a large enough battery for you to use. These types of calculations for amp hours used will determine your battery needs. There are also considerations for bank size of the battery and cycle rate.

With most home installation kits for solar energy, there will be estimates on the size of battery you will need for solar battery storage. This will depend largely on the size of your home. You can also tell by gauging what your current electrical use is.

In purchasing a kit you need to give the spec of your current usage to help determine your needs. Other factors will include if you are doing a full conversion or a partial one. The ability to know this in advance will help determine what battery will do the most effective job for the needs that your home has.

There is an initial cost for the system, which may or may not includes the solar battery storage, for your home installation. In purchasing your kit ensure what is included in the cost for the best pricing. Many contractor and retailers have bundles which include in the kit your inverter and your battery but this is not always the case. Check details to ensure you have everything you need to convert.

Deciding On Residential Solar Panels For Your Home

People used to think of residential solar panels as a wave of the future, but the future is here. Across the country, you can find more home using solar electricity as their main source of energy. Some homes are fully solar while others have a partial solar system. A partial system will give you added savings as well from the cost of energy in your home. This is especially true if you are not ready to fully go solar.

It has been highly encouraged by the department of energy that Americans find alternative means of gathering energy for the use of homes as the concern of standard users becoming less available. Solar energy is one of the safest alternatives compared to other sources.

This is especially true for the states that are normally exposed to sunlight the majority of the year. However, it is also effective in states that see less sun in certain months. The compatibility and ways that the average American can use solar energy are much more efficient and understandable in the present day than ever before.

Because of the growing popularity, the cost of using residential solar panels has been significantly reduced as well as compared to the past. They are still more that regular power for initial set up, but after the installation, they end up saving you money. So, in the long run, they are more cost effective. With everyone going green it makes sense that solar energy would increase in popularity.

You are also using natural energy that is stored from the power of the sun; therefore you are not expending anything. They are easy to install and will not detract from the look of your home. They are designed to work with your life and the storage is hidden in typically a garage area.

Many people avoid the use of solar panels because they think the look will bring down the property value. In actuality, it will raise it as there are special tax incentives for having solar heating in your home. It is a value of a good looking tax break.

You can find more information about residential solar panels by looking online. You can see the options that are available to you and where you can purchase a system for your home. Remember the tax break you get when you evaluate the cost. You can also find information about installation of a system should you decide to buy one.